Timeless style - Dressing Room Brussels
Jan 18, 2017

Founded in 2008 in Brussels, Dressing Room is a trendy boutique that features elegant, middle and high end ready-to-wear fashion for women. Clothes, bags, jewelry, candles...

One of the shop's favorite items at the moment: the MUKU handbag from Japan. In the form of a macaron, made from sheep wool, this bag will attract the attention of everyone due to its unique design and color, and yet, it blends perfectly well with an elegant, refined outfit.

The owner of Dressing Room follows her own intuition as she develops the identity of the shop, she goes to international trade shows to get inspired. “Love at first sight” is her motto when she searches for collections to sell in her shop. She never displays anything in her shop unless she thinks that she would wear it herself. She is also attentive to to the composition of the clothes, and has a preference for natural materials.

What makes Dressing Room unique are the intentionally chosen collections that are displayed there, some of which are from exclusive brands. Whether it is chic overalls from Swildens or a silky soft sweater from Pomandere, one can easily find something lovely and classy to wear. Also, the shop is most proud of bringing together mother and daughter, two women from two different generations, who foster and strengthen their relationship as they shop together, while each finds a fashionable item that perfectly fits her style and needs.

Dressing Room’s favorite brand at the moment is Sessùn, which expresses precisely Dressing Room's style and personality: feminine and elegant, and yet laid back and colorful, it's everything that a woman needs to discover and express herself through clothes, all the while having a classy, timeless style without looking too serious.